Giant Boeheim Head

Video by ChillBro February 17, 2010

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Article by Rud
November 13, 2010

Guy with “I Need Tickets” Sign Actually Needs Tickets

      Friday’s game against Northern Iowa was a joyous event for everyone except local Syracuse resident, Michael Woodley. Woodley stood outside the Carrier Dome with an “I need tickets” sign in hopes of acquiring seats to Syracuse’s season opener. “I waited until the last minute and I didn’t have a ticket, so I figured... MORE »

Article by apost
January 31, 2011

Technologically Retarded and Why Professors Are Hypocrites

Don’t you hate it when professors tell you to turn off your cell phones when you’re in class or keep them on silent? Clearly having my phone constantly in my hand during your class is the only thing keeping me from falling asleep. What would you prefer? But, what I hate more than that is... MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 1, 2010

Week in Review for 2/22/10

“¢ For only the fourth time ever, Syracuse University canceled class on Thursday and closed down. After Thursday’s events, SU has now closed as many times as Paris Hilton’s legs. Strangely, the entire student body at SU has fewer STDs combined than Ms. Hilton. “¢ UU announced this week that Drake will be headlining Block... MORE »

Article by apost
December 11, 2010

Mann Library Rivals Walmart

Similarly to Walmart on Black Friday, Mann Library opens at 10 AM on a Saturday morning during finals week and a line is out the door to rent laptops, chargers and get Take Notes and I think someone was trampled….you know you’re at Cornell during finals week when. Thanks to our local photographer Steph Friedman MORE »

Picture by ChillBro
August 22, 2010
Article by Leah Folta
February 11, 2011

On-campus female orgasm event anticipates high attendance; male orgasm event less successful

A disappointing four students turned out for yesterday’s I Heart Male Orgasm in Taper Hall, dedicated to explaining the physical intricacies and social stigma people may not understand about everyone’s favorite male body function. “I saw the buzz about this female orgasm event, and I really love what they’re doing – I just felt left... MORE »