Though it’s been weeks since The Maneater published its now infamous 2012 April Fool’s edition, it appears the bottom is still falling out on the publication that once had the luxury of basking in its insignificance. With MU’s LGBTQ community still reeling from the hurtful header to the Women’s Center’s outrage, the paper still has a lot of work to do to regain its lack of prominence.

But The Maneater may have taken its first truly meaningful step in remedying the damage. They have hired an Editorial Board comprised entirely of kittens for the 2012 fall semester.

“It was really a no brainer,” former incumbent Editor-in-Chief  Mark Funk said. “Kittens don’t have to be paid, they’re really fun to play with, and I can’t remember the last time that a house cat was accused of homophobia.”

Funk, who was the one who made the decision to hire solely kittens, plans to step down before the beginning of next school year in order to let one of the kittens take control over the paper. Whichever kitten distinguishes itself over the summer will also have its choice of Managing Editor.

The decision has received reactions from all across the spectrum. Journalism professor Charles Davis was one of the many that lauded the decision as genius.

“Hiring all kittens was an absolutely brilliant move. They have essentially deflected all criticism. Nobody is going to criticize a paper run by kittens. That’d be ridiculous! Nobody could do that,” Davis said. “Plus, it’s always been my dream to work at a school that had a newspaper staffed by kittens. That’s so cute!”

Unfortunately for the paper and its staff of loveable fur balls, not everyone has reacted with such enthusiasm. J-School Buzz, a blog that really serves no discernable purpose other than to embarrass itself and insult The Maneater, was the most emphatic criticizer.

“It was a cowardly move. They couldn’t just buck up and face the consequences?” an editorial titled “We always liked dogs better anyway” said. “Plus, what can cats do? Drink milk? We can drink milk! The Maneater sucks! We’re so much better! This is mature journalism!”

Unfortunately, none of the kittens could be reached for contact, though it wouldn’t have mattered, because they’re kittens and they can’t talk.