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Article by Kevin Slack
February 9, 2011

Rosa Parks Pretty Underwhelmed by Centro Memorial Bus Seat

In a press conference held Wednesday, civil rights advocate and legend Rosa Parks announced that Centro’s effort to memorialize her courageous activism was “a good effort” but “pretty lame overall.” Every Centro bus has a sort-of-fake-gold-looking oval sticker peeling off over a seat on the right side of the vehicle, proclaiming that seat to be... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
November 28, 2010

Professor Laurence Thomas Always Stirring Controversy

Photo Credit: Daily Orange, Joey Baker Professor Laurence Thomas is known at Syracuse for his crazy antics, constant swearing, and his black/Jewish heritage. Oh, and he also teaches Philosophy. A lot of you should remember that hullabaloo that occurred when Professor Thomas attacked Nancy Cantor’s diversity policies through his personal website. This time, Professor Thomas... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
September 21, 2010

Ezra Cornell Was Black

Ever since Cornell University was established back in 1865, students and faculty have pondered, “Who is Mr. Cornell?”, “How did he create such a prestigious University?”, and of course, “Was that dude black?” We can’t deny the glaring facts of this mans past. 1. Cornell was founded in 1865. The very same year the Civil... MORE »