As a college student in the big city of New York, my life is a blur. Not because I am constantly drunk, but because I am so busy that each day never seems to slow down. With all of my Hulu watching and class skipping, how will I ever get enough minutes for dinner cooking, or even basic hygiene?

Well, thanks to New York public transportation, I don’t have to ask these questions any longer! Dinner prep is a breeze:


These hungry passengers would love a bite (minus the salmonella).


If I’ve got a hot date, I don’t need to worry about stubbly legs!


And if a date turns me down, sex can wait! I can just exfoliate.


The world’s cheapest spa. 2.75 for a facial, and no massage beats the therapeutic rattle of the subway cars!


EXPERT TIP: When relaxing on the 1 train…


Bring extra cucumbers.



photo credit: the incredible Elizabeth Conn