Bryant University is set to ban North face sweatshirts, effective November, 1st, 2011, in an effort to promote diversity. The Dean of students says that “this move will help to distinguish Bryant students from one another”. This action is a result of a recent report by the Diversity, Inclusiveness, Community, and Knowledge committee. The D.I.C.K. Committee reports North faces are the most common piece of clothing and have been the root cause of such problems as mistaken identity (in classrooms), global warming and color blindness.

Senior Walter Rheedee is in favor of the move and says “now I can tell who is who and this isn’t a star wars attack of the clones’ situation anymore”. More and more students find that they want to wear other things but just don’t have the motivation or courage to stand out. North face public relations representative Norm Cote says the move will “have to be reviewed and is a bad mark on Bryant’s reputation”. If the move is to go ahead as planned research indicates that north face sales would indeed suffer.

The office of student affairs is also considering bans on:  the missionary position, Boston area sports memorabilia and clothing, ankle socks combined with flip flops and/or sandals, ugg boots, and Burberry scarves. Still to be discussed by the board is how exactly university officials plan to enforce these new rules. They are open to suggestions. 

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