Reports published in several local town records indicate a civil dispute between distant family members of John Mowry and Bryant University. The Mowry Farm was the original estate belonging to the 420 acres where the current Bryant campus stands today. Prior to selling it’s land to Earl Tupper, the Mowry family included a “sale of deed” provision which included a clause which stated: “At no point shall the following land be the place of anthropomorphism, or the act of giving human characteristics to animals. This act includes speaking, walking, or transmitting through social media…”

A violation of the deed provision arose during a recent discovery on various forms of Bryant University literature including The Archway, Twitter, and Facebook. A Town of Smithfield spokesperson stated, “Apparently the university has hired a talking dog named MascotTupper, which is in clear violation of the clause.”

“This is an outdated and antiquated law which has no legal precedent, as its statute of limitations has far been outreach… I’m going to go chase some geese,” wrote Mascot Tupper the dog on his Twitter page.

The Mowry family is outraged, demanding that the University relinquish the land back to the original owners. “I am appalled,” stated Debra Mowry, the great granddaughter of Joesph Mowry. The Tupper family refused to comment.

The public court date has not yet been released.