Sophomores Josh Cutting, William, and Maria are upset about
the students speak out section. When asked, they cited that the recent Archway
section didn’t actually talk about relevant issues. “I’m not talking, wondering
or thinking about fucking bricks.”


These students are upset because real issues on campus could
be recognized in the student newspaper which aren’t. William Allen had this to
say: “Maybe they should talk about, I don’t know, anything but bricks and
bathrooms. I mean have you seen the goose epidemic? That’s what students are talking
about! Also the lines at South are so long it takes for-everrrrrr.”


An unnamed student went on record saying that she “”¦hates
when they ask a stupid question and put the whole page in color, and waste my
money.” Other students are not as opposed to the topic of bricks, J.P.
Sullivan, a junior, says “”¦I think bricks are a very relevant topic on campus.
I think there could be as many five bricks on campus.” Stressing that “the bricks
are what made this building!”


Other students, when asked, said they can’t recall a time in
the past month in which they were speaking about the number of bricks on
campus. However, Senior Shannon Murphy said “I like the current number of
bricks on campus.”


There are many sides to this debate but whether you are for
or against the number of bricks on campus, there is no question”¦ students speak
out about students speak out.