Campus occupiers continue to ravage the Bryant
University campus. Student residents are beginning to feel the stress and
impact of the ever present, and ever growing Canadian goose population. “Our
beautiful campus is littered with goose shit! I can’t walk to class or to the
library without stepping on a fecal land mine,” said Junior Pat Granger.


Students traveling across campus have voiced various
complaints about the
egregious behavior of
the geese including loitering, excessive noise, obstruction of pathways,
inadequate disposal of fecal matter, verbal threats (hissing), physical
attacks, and several “low flying” violations. These attacks are a small number
of the documentations recorded by the Official Goose Enforcement Board


Last year, six Bryant students were hospitalized
for goose related incidents. “I feel the increase in the occupying goose
population is a result of an unfair balance of land distribution. 99% of the
campus property belongs to the student population while a mere 1% belongs to
the goose population. One can clearly see why this would cause campus-wide problem,”
remarked Gina K. a committee member on the O.G.E.B.


University officials have been working
diligently to bring an accord between the student body and the goose community.
Many other college and university campuses across the country have been faced
with similar concerns.