Special FAT TALK FREE WEEK edition:


If we really want to have a successful Fat Talk Free Week
where we tell all our friends how luscious their hair is, we need to do
something drastic about “The Bunny” statue that lurks on campus. Sure she is
supposed to be sculpted after “The Thinker,” but I know all she is thinking about
is how damn skinny she is and how much she can’t wait to hop back to her dorm
and stare at herself in the mirror and mupload pictures of her abs. At least
“The Thinker” had some real manly fat/muscle on him. What a stud. Let’s face it,
this bunny is just a twiglet. A sassy, prissy no good twiglet. And do we really
want a twiglet to represent our school’s ideal body image?


Glad we are in agreement. Let’s all join together to
celebrate Fat Talk Free Week and TOPPLE that damn skinny “lil biatch who
parades herself outside of Mallinckrodt all day long judging with those buggy
eyes and big ass ears. I bet she can hear all your fat talk”¦ and it makes her
feel fat too (PSA-Reflections).


To “The Bunny”: Sorry to demonize you like this, obviously
you are not fat, but you just make us all feel bad about our bodies. You set a
standard that is impossible for the human body to reach, and you are just so
damn confident. Eat a sandwich!! You are right next to Subway you silly little


Email me if you are interested in destruction”¦ It might look
something like this”¦bye bye Saddam 
“¦bye bye Twiglet)


DON’T TALK FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!