Your second-best source for the past week’s Daily Trojan headlines

Students react to
potential coffee price increase

Hint: it wasn’t “oh, awesome!”


Experts say climate
change will immediately effect the state’s environment

Particularly the climate part.


Alternative break
program notices all time high in applications

It was completely unrelated to the all time high of “attractive
people on the beach” pictures in the brochure.


Forbes Magazine reports that LA traffic
increases stress levels

The data
was gathered from the passenger seat of my car.


LA sees record heat in October

Look, I
already said I was sorry. Jeez.


National Association of Colleges and
Employers predict the Class of 2012 will make $3,000 more than Class of 2011

worth noting that the NACE is expected to graduate this May


Students have different opinions about
allowing animals on campus and in campus buildings

people just think certain animals don’t belong around here. Sharks, for


Weekender Game on a Thursday forces
students to choose between school and football

It was
upsetting because prior to this event, most people thought they were one in the


USC emails student body about Cal mumps

It turns
out that USC Administration is not as good at telling “really scary ghost
stories!” as they thought.

Film The Ides of March actually based on
experiences of former professor

That one
time that a USC professor actually looked like Ryan Gosling deserved to be made
into a movie.


USC takes part in
largest earthquake drill

As in I think I heard a story about that one TA, who some
people say they saw participate. It’s kind of funny actually, because he was
never seen or heard from again”¦.