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December 8, 2010

Avatar Sequel Set to Come Out in Dazzling 8-D

LOS ANGELES — Riding on a wave of confidence after the commercial and critical success of his blockbuster Avatar, Director James Cameron announced Tuesday that the sequel will arrive in theaters as an unprecedented 8-dimensional film. The world of the Na’vi is too expansive to be contained in typical, mortal dimensions, according to Cameron, who... MORE »

December 8, 2010

Rise of Bluetooth Technology Increases Percentage of People Who Look Batshit Crazy

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA “” Researchers at Stanford University have discovered that the rise of bluetooth technology has increased the percentage of people who look batshit crazy. Once reserved for the ranks of the unstable street urchins and roaming sociopaths, now even well to-do businessmen and corporate executives yell expletives and wave their hands to seemingly... MORE »