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Article by Rud
September 25, 2011

iSchool Bought out by Apple; Offers Classes for 99 Cents

Things are not quite what they used to be in Hinds Hall, home of Syracuse University’s iSchool. Apple inc., under new leadership, has decided to extend their brand and buy out anything and everything that bares a name similar to their products. The iSchool was not left behind. Apple states that they intend to keep... MORE »

Article by Rud
January 24, 2011

Syracuse Students Blame “Education” for Villanova Loss

After Saturday’s soul-crushing loss to ‘Nova, Syracuse students have begun to look for a scapegoat for their aggressions. Their choice? Education. Saturday’s game promoted the new “Say Yes to Education” initiative in the Syracuse area, a program which promotes higher graduation rates for inner-city youth. Students at the game did not quite grasp that concept... MORE »