If you go to FSU, at some time you will wonder if JK Rowling
spent some time on Landis Green before she decided to whip out her pen and napkin
at the little café in London to write Harry Potter. The similarities are so uncanny! After a solid amount of time at
FSU, any student could say that it is the most real Hogwarts will ever get.
Here’s why:

Our colors are Garnet and Gold.
And we’re better
at football than the schools in the green (USF) yellow (UCF) and most
importantly, the school in the blue (UF). Ten
points for Gryffindor!

The Suwannee room looks like the Great Hall.
you may even secretly wish Dumbledore would show up to make an announcement
before you finish eating.

Instead of a sorting hat, we just call it rush.

In the library, I once heard someone say “I would NEVER call anyone a mudblood. That’s like, calling someone the N word.
So offensive.”

You have to be careful or the dementors creeping
around the bars will steal your soul/dignity with potent drinks and sloppy kisses.

Harry Potter World
is just down the road in
Orlando where you can see that kid from bio lab waltzing around with a cape and
wand for their summer job.

We may not have a forbidden forest, but we have
Frenchtown on the edge of campus. 

And last but not least, we have a quidditch

So if you’re ever sad that the books and movies
are over, just take a trip to Tallahassee. Who knows, you may actually see
Harry Potter wasted at the strip blaming his actions on the polyjuice potion or Hermione taking up an entire section of the library during finals week. That Bitch.