Seriously guys, what the hell? I totally TiVo’d Monday’s big game against West Virginia hoping to watch it at some point this semester after catching up on all the reruns of Jersey Shore and Glee that have been building up on my DVR box. It’s not my fault I had a really important group presentation to work on during the game and couldn’t watch it “live” like all you crazy, orange face-painted die-hard sports fans out there.
So I’m sitting in class shuffling through the Daily Orange, and sure enough, this gigantic spoiler of a headline glares out at me: “Joseph, Triche help SU snap 2-game losing streak against West Virginia.” It took me a while to process whether this meant that SU won or lost, but when I realized it meant they won, I was still super pissed off! Come on DO staff, since when is it cool for journalists to include enormous spoilers at the top of their articles?

Some of us TiVo things, ok?

You would never put something like “Ronnie finally dumps Sammi after JWoww and Snooki convince him she’s a bitch,” in big letters right at the top of your newspaper, would you? Didn’t think so. Why should basketball games be any different? The least you could do is make the print smaller, and maybe put a little red “Spoiler Alert” stamp somewhere near the beginning so we know what’s coming. In designing the stamp, you could use a bold font and maybe turn it diagonally a little bit so it looks cool. I could even make it for you guys in Photoshop or something if you want.
Anyway, if any of you DO people are reading this, take note. Some of us happen to be a few episodes behind on Syracuse basketball, alright? It’s actually better because then we get to fast-forward through all the commercials and when Arinze Onuaku is taking foul shots. Wait, what? He graduated? Damn you!!