Yes! Thats right! Friday. After looking at my schedule this semester, I noticed one thing as changed: last semester, I had nothing to do on thursdays buts thats changed and so is this. So fridays now. It just is easier for me. With that being said, it is also the reason why BMT (now BMF which can also be considered Bad Mother Fucker… whatever you like) did not happen last week. Im not dead, the last two weeks for me have looked like this:
Thats right, the school supplies have executed an airstrike on me. This means war.

I was actually so unmotivated to write today because HAVE YOU BEEN OUTSIDE TODAY? I love it. In celebration of this Sperry Topsider bearing weather, I bring to you, your day drinking special.

First up is a mashup of Jack Johnson, Lil Wayne and Drake brings the best of both worlds together and fits the day drinking scene perfectly. Im not sure why the artists says Kanye is on this because Im almost positive hes not, In fact, I know hes not.It mixes the intensity of Drake’s Forever with an unrecognizable Jack Johnson melody. With out even seeing the artists you can tell it is Johnson though. The verses are pretty steady and Drake’s vocals are kicked up (not that he needs it). The chorus fits perfectly pitch wise. I would love to see more come out of this combo.

Next up is Sam Adams, well known for his up beat party rap tempos set to catchy back melodies, most of which cater to college girls. We see a darker side of Adams in his newest song Letter to the Lost. This track features Chrsitina Perri’s Jar of Hearts. This is definitely a song to use while either setting up or when your day drinking fiesta is just getting started, and definitely not a song for the peak. Keep this one tucked for emergencies. I assure you though, If you like Sam Adams, youll like this:

I came across Kixxie Siete the other night when I was hunting the internet for sick chill music to play in this gorgeous weather and I swear it was like I struck gold. This track, Future of Music featuring Robby (no last name… like madonna) embodies everything I feel about good weather, combined with sick lyrics and a catchy melody. I would absolutely watch out for this kid, hes definitely going places. You can tell all your friends you heard him here first:

If theres one song that will always remind me of day drinking, its Cudi’s Up Up and Away. But, for those of you who prefer some acoustic covers, Plug In Stereo Featuring Horizun gets the job done. Still, Im much more of a fan of the original track, being I love the mixture of the piano, the guitar and Cudi’s voice. Anyways, this is still a relatively good cover:

And for Tyler, last but not least, after 5 gruelingly patient years, The Strokes are back with their new album titled Angles. Its been way too long to be with out The Strokes, their first new single in five years, Under Cover of Darkness is awesome, all dry-as-a-bone
guitar riffs, stop-start drums and Casablancas’s mumbled croon sounding
reassuringly familiar. I along with a good friend of mine predict that with the album, theyre going to clean out the grammys next year.

my best friend is here visiting
and I can see my textbooks planning their next attack.