It happens to all of us. We’re hungry. We put in a bag of
popcorn. Type in a few minutes. And moments later, the fire alarm is going off
in Newhouse and you have to hide the smoking bag of Orville
somewhere the fire department who is undoubtedly on its way won’t

maybe that was just me, standing seemingly innocent outside of Newhouse last
night, knowing the charred bag of popcorn was in the vicinity of firefighters
scanning the complex to determine the guilty culprit.

only put the bag in for two and half minutes. Blame microwave
technology or lack thereof.

what followed was a game of hide and seek with students attempting to do work
in the edit suites, labs, and random classrooms which may have actually had
classes going on in them. Sorry professors. Some of you anyways. Some of you
are dickbags, to whom, I do not apologize. In fact, I’d like to think the alarm
went off just to provide your students a reprieve from your class”¦

digress. But let the record state:

put the damn bag in for 2.5 minutes. Tell all your Twitter account people
blabbing about how stupid the person is who burnt popcorn that it could have
easily happened to them.

I’m sure this situation has provided some multimedia student with a new script
idea to shoot”¦

9:30pm on the first day back from spring break, do you know where your child

outside on Waverly Ave because someone inadvertently set off three buildings’
fire alarms simultaneously.”