Molly Rogers, a freshman in Flint, had way too much homework. She had no time for a sit down meal at Graham Dining Center so she went down and picked up a Togo container. She brought her meal back to her room and finished her homework.
Molly went back to Graham the next morning to get some breakfast. But she forgot to bring back the container!!
The employees of the dining center started screaming like savages. They ran and tackled poor Molly.

“It all happened so fast.” said a brand new member of the staff, who obviously didn’t know that if you use a Togo container, you’d better fucking bring it back.

The employees demanded to know where the container was. Molly told them that it was up in her room and she had forgot but she would be glad to get it.

“Too fucking late.” said the card swiper.

That’s when they cut off her hand. “An eye for an eye. That’s what I always say.” the card swiper said, defending his actions.

Police escorted the card swiper to a correctional facility. He was apparently unaware that if a student loses the container it is just a three dollar fee. Or he was just a HUGE DICK.

Let’s all give Molly a hand for her bravery.

But seriously, she needs a new hand so someone give her one.