Dear Fans of CuseMyCampus:


After all these years together (17 years, by our count) we feel that we owe it to you to let you know what’s going on in our lives. First off, we love you all. Especially you, singular viewer who takes this personally. We love you the most. You’re the best. You’re the sole reason that we average 19 million viewers per day. Or maybe that’s an overestimate, we never really look at our numbers.


Actually, we do. And we want more! We’ve decided to expand and make a national site. 

Sally Sue, “Oh no! You’re selling out!”

Nope. We’re just broke!

Instead of having a separate domain (.com) for every school, we’re putting all the papers together on one domain. What that means is, the new site will be – But this doesn’t mean the Syracuse page will be bumbled up with generic shit, we are still only allowing funny Syracuse news/pictures/videos on the CuseMyCampus page.

Ideally, every school will have a CuseMyCampus, and on the main page, you’ll be able to see what’s going on at schools all around the country. We want every school to know the joy you feel when you read our articles and think, “I’m so happy! I can write WAY better than Alex can! What an asshole!”


What we’re asking from you is that you understand the change. In our hearts, though, this page has been, is, and always will be a Syracuse page.


Until we go to Georgetown and UConn, at which point you’ll all probably hate us.


Let us know your thoughts. Do you hate us? Do you not give a shit and just wanna read some funny articles? Have you thrown your computer out the window in rage? Tell us! Also, if you’re an IT person and want to help Brian as he struggles to figure out what the hell PHP is, feel free to contact us. Either comment on this article or shoot us an e-mail at And remember: we love you. Especially you, person reading this right now.





Alex & Brian at CuseMyCampus

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