During last night’s game, many of you may have seen the new addition to Jim Boeheim’s bench, a Bighead poster of his favorite fan, Patrick Brinkerhoff, a junior Sports Management major. Many of you may have also wondered: “Who the hell is the guy on Boeheim’s poster?”

“He’s only the best fan out there,” said Boeheim. “I see him out there every game giving one hundred and ten percent. And I figured, if the fans can make signs for me and my players, why can’t I have one for my favorite fan?”

Brinkerhoff was ecstatic to see his face on Boeheim’s Bighead. “It’s pretty cool,” said the junior. “To be honest, I don’t consider myself better than anyone else. I just go out there, give 110 percent, and do the best I can each game, I yell as loud as I can, I wear as much orange as I can, but once the game is over I’m just like everyone else.”

Added Brinkerhoff, “I also bleed orange.”

Boeheim disagrees. “That kid’s got what it takes,” said the Orange coach. “Trust me, I’ve been at this for a long time. I can tell when someone is the real deal, and when someone, or some team, is the most overrated thing I’ve seen in 35 years. Brinkerhoff is going places. Unlike the aforementioned overrated team.”

(Photo from nunesmagician.com)