Oh hey!
So we all know what coming up this tuesday

My favorite food on Thanksgiving is Mashed Potatoes. Im also a big fan of the dance. I would love if that came back. Teach me how to mash potato?:


sweet jesus indeed. Food Porn.

So I thought itd be funny for this week to go with that whole idea of mashed potatoes and Thanksgiving and give you like a billion mashups. Well maybe not a billion….

So pass the mash up potatoes (pun?) and dig in. (terrible pun.)

1. one of my all time favorites: this ones called bittersweet off your shoulders. It brings together Jay Z and the verve. The way that this was put together was so clean and well done that it seems like these two collaborated originally. A+ to them:

2. The next one is from a favorite of mine, The Hood Internet. There are some of their tracks in my opinion that are either a hit or miss. This one was absolutely a hit. a home run. I love this one. Its called Good ol’ fashion rumpshaker and it brings together Matt and Kim (who played at wescott like 2 months ago) and the kings themselves, The Beastie Boys. what i love about this one is that it has such hard hitting downbeats. Huge fan. all day every day.

3. Oh my dear lord do i love this mix. This is a mash of Cameras by Matt and Kim and Juicy by Biggie Smalls. Its weird cause I legit got this off of youtube and now i cant find it anyway. Its really good so Its on the zip file, you just cant preview it.

4.So this one is a mashup between the jackson 5 and Oasis and im pretty sure it was the first mashup i ever heard like my sophomore year of highschool. its still good to me and has a fast beat which I really like

5. Another mash that The Hood Internet did that i really really liked was they mixed Ignition (remix) by R.kelly and Keep it goin louder by Major Lazer. I think what i like the most about this one is how easily the whole track flows. its practically flawless. I would have liked to have seen more of Keep it Goin louder in it (maybe some vocals0 but what can you do?

6. Alright so I heard this mashup last fall (actually today…. Im not sure how i remember that but im almost positive it was today a year ago… happy anniversary?) and immediately fell in love with it. I think it was the sick trumpet that was enhancing the whole song. I dont know. It was magical.

7. okay so recently (more like april) I stumbled upon The White Panda. Theyre damn good at mashing and theres nothing really else to say about them so im just gonna give you a bunch of their tracks that im really into:

like this one:

how about this one:

time for some gravy:

maybe some stuffing:

some pie:

cant forget the cranberry sauce from the can:

oh p.s.Heres your Turkey: Niki Manaj’s new album Pink Friday thats said to drop on the 22nd. I havent had time to listen to it, being i got it like 2 nights ago but from what ive heard from others, its pretty good. surprise. Happy Thanksgiving.

Its all in here.

okay. Im taking next week off. its not you, im just like wiped from the past what, 2 and a half months? Im gonna crash on a mixture of Tryptophan, expensive alcohol and and happiness harder than Charlie Brown in his TV special


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