Hey everyone,

This week I’m bringin you not one mixtape with one artist
but a bunch of singles that are sneak peaks at new mix tapes, dropping within
the next few weeks


Heres a new track by Wiz Khalifa that hit the internet on the 14th
but no one has no idea where it came from. What I do know is this song is sick
and wiz is stepping it up in a major way. The track is called Know Your Name
off his new mixtape called Half Baked (SURPRISE! GET THE TAPE HERE!)


Heres the video:


                        Download it here



Next up we have Toony,
the guy behind PROduce who
has come out with a new track called “Numbing Thoughts”. Up until last week, I
never heard of this guy but when I heard this new track, I really liked it.
upcoming mixtape will showcase his MC skills along with his production skills
and should be dropping near the end of the year. Get it here


The All City Chess Club (Lupe Fiasco, Asher
, Wale, Diggy, J. Cole,
Charles Hamilton, & Pharrell) released a remix for the track “I’m
Beamin'”. It’s a little late on this release but I really couldn’t deny not
posting this release. With a lineup like this; it’s merely impossible for the
track to be a failure and I think it’s definitely far from it. Don’t think of
these guys as a group, In an interview, Lupe described them as more of a
movement than a group Get it here


Next up, is a classic favorite that I
rediscovered on my iTunes this week. Called salvia by RJD2, an artist known
more for his music and his beats than his actual lyrics. RJD2 is known for
using more than just computer generated music and/or normal band pieces such as
guitars and drums but incorporates orchestral instruments such as trombones,
tubas, saxophones and string instruments as well, giving his tracks a more well
rounded feel to them. Salvia uses no lyrics but is still tight as hell. Get ithere


My obsession with Kid Cudi has been brought to a
whole new level this week after listening to a sneak peek track that dropped a
few days ago called Mojo So Dope. Let me just tell you I am SO excited for the
mixtape, Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, set to drop November 9th.
I mean come on, look at the cover of the tape. Un real. Mark your calendars, I
can’t fucking wait. Get this track NOW


Surprise! One more Cudi track that I love right
now, “Erase Me” ft. Kanye West shows a really different side of Kudi and brings
almost a “weezer-esque” characteristic to his music. This is another one that
does not but helps my sick obsession with Cudi grow even more. Heres the video
with special guest Christopher
Mintz-Plasse, or as you guys know him, McLovin in Superbad.


Heres the video:


Get it here



Love it all. Bitchin.




Alright, Im getting out of here for the weekend.


Next Thursday.