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Article by Klatch
December 11, 2011

FSU Has Strikingly Similar Attributes to… Hogwarts?

If you go to FSU, at some time you will wonder if JK Rowling spent some time on Landis Green before she decided to whip out her pen and napkin at the little café in London to write Harry Potter. The similarities are so uncanny! After a solid amount of time at FSU, any student... MORE »

Article by gpsmonkey
November 10, 2011

“New” Bryant Center Reportedly to Become Hogwarts Replica

  Reports of a “new” Bryant Center have been the talk of the Bryant University campus for the past couple of weeks. Since its resurrection in the mid-1980s, the Bryant Center has had little to no renovations to keep up with the rest of Bryant’s more modern appearance. Outdated furniture, limited office space, unsatisfactory dining... MORE »