Oh my gosh, like check me out hanging out with all my friends. I have friends. Did you know? We hang out and do fun things so I just wanted to take a picture of us, you know, hanging out, just chilling, NBD. No, I don’t think that I have to prove it. I just wanted to show everyone how GREAT my FRIENDS are and how much FUN we ALL have ALL THE TIME. In picture form.

Look at me!!!!!!! Now! And again! And again and again! And just once more. Oh and look at me with my friends. We take a lot of muploads together because we REALLY like each other and are REALLY close. And look at this really silly thing we did together! And this really yummy picture of an enormous amount of brunch food! I think I’m going to caption it: “The before! Yes, we ate it all! LOL!” We like really did eat it all! Thought you should know. I was soooo full but I was so glad that I got to take a pic first. Also here is a mirror mupload of my bod!

Muploads are fun, but muploads are serious. Like you can’t mupload too much because then they become this everyday, ordinary thing and aren’t really just especially special moments. Like moments when I hang out with my FRIENDS! You can definitely mupload too much, but you can also mupload too little! If you don’t mupload, you don’t exist! Like how else will people know that I have so much fun with all my friends?? People who don’t mupload are erased from societal history with no hope of being remembered for things that matter. Like their popularity. One time, when I was hanging out with my friends, we totally forgot to take six muploads, so it’s like we never hung out to begin with! Ugh, that was the worst day ever!

Sometimes people get really angry about muploads, especially when they have a fear of missing out on all the fun times of people (like me) and their friends (like my friends!). Not only did we not ask you to hang out with us, we took a picture of it too! We did not put in the non-effort of not putting up a mupload. Just to spare your emotions. That’s the price I pay for being too good at my craft! And for having SO MANY FRIENDS.