Tina Vasquez set a new record last night when she spent 17 consecutive hours watching Tim Allen-related media, and all without leaving her bed.

“I didn’t even realize it,” says Vasquez. “It was kind of like when you’ve got a booger stuck in your nose but you don’t find out until there’s this massive glob on your shirt.

“This marathon was that booger.”

Vasquez began her journey at 10:00.

She wakes up every morning to a healthy dose of Home Improvement DVDs. On this particular morning, Vasquez decided not to attend class and instead watched a Toy Story marathon on ABC Family.

“I thought about getting some food after the first two,” said Vasquez, “but if you watch the first two, you might as well go for the third.”  “Otherwise, what’s the point, you know?”

After the marathon, ABC Family aired several episodes of Home Improvement. At that point, it was only 8:00 PM, yet Vasquez would set her record 17-hour run without viewing a single show or movie after that time.

“At around 8:00, I got bored and I sort of flipped through the channels for a few hours, but it was nothing but commercials.”

Luckily for Vasquez, every single commercial on television now features Tim “The Toolman” Taylor selling soup or a Chevy or insurance or insurance for when you crash your Chevy because you were drinking hot soup and driving.

Said Vasquez, “To be honest, I’m pretty sure 70% of the marathon was just commercials”¦”

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue.