People say “it’s
only a game.” Some may agree but it’s hard to hear when this was supposed to be
“the year” for the Florida State Seminoles. Football season is one of the most
fun, exhilarating, and emotional parts of college for students. Emotions are high on campus in the wake of our most recent
heartbreak: Wake Forest 35, Seminoles 30.

One FSU senior is
having trouble lifting his spirits: “The Marlins aren’t doing well and with the
NBA lockout I only have FSU to root for. I love the “Noles and I hate seeing
them lose.”

conversation with a friend of mine revealed some disturbing actions taken on by
her boyfriend. “When the final score was announced, something in him died. He stopped
talking and his face went blank. He hasn’t said a word since Saturday. He won’t
eat; he hasn’t showered.”

One fraternity
on campus (name shall remain private) is getting through the week in a rather
unusual, yet, touching way.  The
fraternity president claims that he and his brothers are taking part in a
hunger strike until FSU gets its next win. “We wanted to do something to show
our support for the team. Everyone is so angry with them but we know they’re
doing all they can.  People say
they love the Seminoles. But that all goes away when we’re in a position like
this- then they abandon their team. We knew we had to take action and we are
confident that FSU can beat Duke this weekend. We’ve really only gone about a
week with no food and we’re sure that will end tomorrow.”

Some call it honorable,
others say dumb.  No matter though,
the Seminole Nation stands by its team in the good and bad times. All we can do
is wait and patiently hold our breath for this tomorrow’s game.