HPM 422: Wine and Beer Appreciation: The only class youâ??ll ever study for on the

MAT 221: Elementary Probability and Statistics: The probability of you ever using this
information is, statistically speaking, zero. With a standard deviation of â??who gives a shit?â?

CFS 388: Human Sexuality: Ok, so there are two classes youâ??ll study for on the
weekends. And many times, theyâ??re interlaced! (Get it?)

PSY 205: Foundations of Human Behavior: Palfai cansexteach you more about
Freudâ??ssextheories on sex than you sexeversex thought possible. Sex.

PED 221: Scuba: After exploring everything that Webster Pool has to offer for a
semester, you will in NO way be prepared to scuba dive anywhere else in the
world. Except for maybe the pool in the Womenâ??s Building.

REL 103: Religion and Sports: Ask God, Allah, Zeus, and every other being why He has
eternally cursed our football team. Shut it down!

HNR 100: Honors Orientation Seminar: Remember how lame honors kids were in high
school? Yeah, they havenâ??t gotten cooler.