Any sense of order came to a grinding halt this morning when freshmen Ryan Peppitino’s empty plastic cup echoed through the walls of Ernie Davis Dining Hall when the student tried to fill his cup with Diet Pepsi. The cup had plunged to the floor when Peppitino’s unwieldy hands inadvertently knocked the cup from the countertop to the floor below.

After the dramatic incident took place, absolute silence filled the room and the only noises heard were Peppitino’s desperate attempts to stop the cups continual bouncing off the concrete floor.

“I couldn’t stop it.” Peppitino told us in an interview on the matter. “The cup would not give up, it just would not stop clattering.” Several eyewitnesses opted to watch the pitiful freshmen attempt to recover the cup instead of offering a hand of help.

Peppitino’s embarrassing attempt to end the unwavering cups bounce led to further humiliation as he accidently kicked the cup in an effort to pick it up. “It felt like everyone stopped what they were doing.” Adding that, “I felt all eyes were burning through me!”

Staff at Ernie Davis know all to well the detriment of dropping a cup on the floor of the dining hall. “Cups that fall to the ground usually don’t stop bouncing for at least a minute and a half,” said dishwasher Margaret Goldman. “There’s nothing you really can do until the cup stops bouncing. My suggestion to students would be to just get whatever food you need to get and usually that is enough time for the cup to finally rest.”

Peppitino spent nearly thirty-eight seconds trying to stop the cups rampageous clanking. Red-faced Peppitino than admitted defeat and walked away to avoid further humiliation. Several reports confirm that Peppitino was admitted into the University Medical Center for counseling after the traumatic incident. No word on whether Peppitino eventually got his Diet Pepsi.