The sisters of Delta Gamma are hosting a car wash this SATURDAY, September 4th between the hours of 11-3.

So, if you have a car, go find the nearest mud-pit, and get that badboy soaked up. The dirtier your car, the longer it will take to clean it! (actually, this doesn’t really work. they will probably just get pissed at you)
If you don’t have a car, go steal one. It’s Syracuse, so you probably have already taken Car Jacking 101 at the College of Arts and Sciences. Just remember, cut the red wire and connect the yellow. Or, was it green…
The proceeds are going towards Service For Sight. They truly couldn’t have picked a more ironic name of an organization to donate the proceeds. For those of you too slow to understand…
Service: Car wash
Sight: Girls in bikinis
Okay, enough chauvinistic remarks. Saturday 11 am – 3 pm.