1. They
    begin to tell their co-workers a story about the time they went out to
    Chuck’s one night with their friend John who puked in the bar, and begin
    to cry because the memory is too painful
  1. They
    choose not to watch the Super Bowl, or any football game, because they
    have developed a major distaste for the sport
  1. Any
    time they refer to the police in their current city/town/state, they call
    them “DPS”
  1. They
    constantly refresh the Daily Orange website, hoping that something new
    will have cropped up
  1. They
    find themselves asking everyone at their office, “Does anyone know a
    current SU student? And, if so, how I can get in touch with them and maybe
    go stay in their dorm?”
  1. They’re
    happiest when it’s freezing cold outside, and even happier if the wind is
    brutal. Bonus if they’re waiting for a bus in this weather.
  1. Every
    time they walk by a dome-shaped building, they break into, “LET’S GO
  1. The
    amount of orange they wear to work increases drastically, and sometimes
    they paint their face orange and blue before a big meeting.
  1. They
    dress up as Otto for Halloween. And Thanksgiving, and Christmas and
    Valentine’s Day and Tuesdays.
  1. They
    have re-applied to enroll at Syracuse University with a different major.
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