Sup dudes,

Just wanted 2 hit u up and see what’s good. Just got back to the Island (Long Island, I don’t watch that Lost shit) and about to chill wit my boyz, hit up some clubs, drink some Captain. No bigz.

Had a pretty dope semester. Hooked up wit mad bitches, got my drink on, got my smoke on, all that good shit. No bigz. It kinda sucks bein home, my moms is totally wreckin my game hardcore. I been tryin 2 hit this chick from high school for years now, so I call her up and she’s def into me, were talking on the phone and she’s usin’ that voice girls use that’s like “Oh my god, that’s awesome, wanna have sex right now?” You no the voice, no bigz. Anyways, she’s wantin it bad and so I’m tryin to make my move, get her over to my place, and then my moms picks up and is all “Jonah, the brisket’s ready!”

Fuckin’ A, bro. Totally wreckin’ my shit.

Still good 2 b home though, cock blockin’ nd all. All that Christmas shit gets my dick hard, specially if a girl is wearing those elf outfits. Damnnnnn! You no what I’m talkin’ bout, no bigz.

Neway, just wanted 2 tell you about my moms fuckin’ up my shit. Me and the boyz r bout to be out this bitch, so I gotta Axe up, collar up, hair up. Shits tight, bro. No bigz.

Much love.