“¢    As of this year, CBS will allow the trademarked phrase “March Madness“ to be used in reference to both the NCAA tournament and Charlie Sheen’s actions in March of 2011
“¢    The NCAA founds an imaginary small school every March with a weird name like George Mason or Wofford, just so people can have a Cinderella team to root for
“¢    The five-seeds are statistically most likely to be upset in the first round, while fans of Big Ten schools are most likely to be upset at the end of the tournament when their teams are blown out by teams who are capable of scoring more than 24 point in a game
“¢    Until this year, the NCAA Tournament consisted of 64 teams. However, the field was expanded in late-2010 to include 68 teams. This was done in an effort to increase the chance of getting one single person to watch a play-in game.
“¢    UCLA has the most NCAA basketball titles with 11. Lots of teams are tied for the least NCAA basketball titles with 0.
“¢    The average male spends 2 days, 7 hours and 21 minutes filling out a bracket, while the average female takes 10.3 minutes, most of which are used to ask, “What color is this team?” The female usually wins the pool.
“¢    This year, the University of Phoenix will compete in the tournament, but their players will be represented on the court by computers, allowing them to “Skype in”
“¢    In 2001, the NCAA and CBS agreed on a rule dictating that at least three games must go into overtime. In 2008, Buffalo Wild Wings offered to help out with the enforcement of that rule.
“¢    74% of the players on championship teams go on to become hugely successful in the world of used car sales.
“¢    NCAA Tournament games are 38% more entertaining when Dick Vitale is the commentator