Pottermore vs. Finals

Article by Annie Segal April 26, 2012

So Pottermore is officially open to the public. As a huge Harry Potter fan (I like/know more about Harry Potter than you do), I had to join the site! It’s an interactive look inside (Queen) J.K. Rowling’s mind when she was writing the Harry Potter Series. You find out how she developed names, spells, and... MORE »

Video by Humor Whore
April 24, 2012

Cuse is CRAY (N****s in Paris Parody)

Download the free MP3 here: http://humorwhore.bandcamp.com/ — Humor Whore will be having a full episode screening Monday, April 28th at 8pm in WATSON THEATER. Come by, Syracusians, for 4 UNRELEASED SKETCHES! Directed by: Josh Frackleton Lyrics By: Seth Crockett Music Produced by: Dan Powell & Lou Baldanza Performed by: Seth Crockett, Lou Baldanza, Josh Frackleton, Kelsie... MORE »

Article by emcorbet
April 24, 2012

Hillary Clinton visits campus; SU jizzes itself

Well unless you’ve managed to block Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds (do people still use these?), your school email, OTN, the DO, and the bulletin boards around campus in an effort to increase your pre-finals productivity (LOLZ jk, we see through your attempts), then here’s the scoop: Today, at 12pm, in Hendricks Chapel, Hillary Clinton provided... MORE »

Video by Alex Rosenthal
April 22, 2012

New Music Video: Cuse Life

Check out this new SU music video from Ethnically Challenged, featuring some impressive quad frisbee throwing. MORE »

Article by Kevin Cardoni
April 21, 2012

Student Stops Sleeping for Finals

Jason Mandelbaum, a freshman engineering student, knows the value of a good night’s sleep, or lack there of.  That’s because he is currently embarking on a marathon of sorts, albeit one that requires little training above knowing how to open a can of Red Bull. The life of an engineer in training is not an... MORE »

Article by Daniel T
April 20, 2012

Dissecting My 103 Plays of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful”

So have you heard about One Direction? Now I’m not talking about how your basic compass points, nor am I talking about Glee’s New Directions (are you seriously still watching that?). What I’m really talking about is that new British boy band or, as one of my professors said, that new group of Justin Biebers.... MORE »

Article by Alfred
April 20, 2012

Syracuse University schools Issue Letters to Class of 2016

As the Spring Welcome begins to wind down, the academic faculty here at Syracuse University sent letters to prospective Class of 2016 students. Here they are, for your viewing pleasures: MORE »

Article by Anonymous
April 19, 2012

Syracuse University Class of 2016

Dear Campus Basement readers, Are you curious to see who the incoming freshmen are? Do you want to hear how young and innocent they all are? Are you reminiscing when you were still in high school and were anticipating Cuse? Well you are in luck because I have recently gone undercover posing as an incoming... MORE »

Video by Brian W
April 19, 2012

I didn’t know Otto had moves like Jagger

Syracuse University’s Otto The Orange taking a part in Ellen’s Dance Dare. Music Credit: Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera’s “Moves Like Jagger” MORE »