A recent study indicates that male imagination is down 63% since 2005. Scientists are attributing this imaginary deficiency to the emergence of leggings, jeggings and the like, and their ability to emphasize the female genitalia.

“We have found that, among male students at universities, it is no longer necessary for them to expend a lot of energy to picture their female peers naked,” said Dr. Johan van Sternberg, a scientist at NASA. Typically, it was calculated that 95% of the male brain was used to attempt to fantasize, with the other 5% being dedicated to sports.

“In fact, because of the social acceptance of the desertus pietus, or “camel toe,’ as it is frequently called,” van Sternberg claims that males will now able to use their brains “for more productive activities like calculus or Call of Duty.”

Still, some males are upset about this trend.

Said Mike Hunter, a sophomore at the University of Texas, “It takes all the fun out of it. It’s like, I know you’re a girl, I don’t need to see the proof”¦”

On the plus side, this trend has allowed for many more males to become certified FBI agents and has sparked a 146% increase in the purchase of T-shirts claiming, “FBI: Female Body Inspector.” Which has directly resulted in a massive decrease in males getting laid.