Cocaine is a helluva drug: A Syracuse mother was arrested for using cocaine while breast-feeding her 14-month-old child. Residents and officials were completely shocked that the mother used cocaine and not good old-fashioned crack. Syracuse: a city on the rise.
White (Macadamia) Power: UC-Berkeley Republicans protested the fact that white men are (supposedly) treated worse than women and people of non-white color in university admissions processes by holding a bake sale, wherein white men paid $2 per baked good and all others paid a lesser amount. Because if anything screams “Respect me!” it’s a peanut butter cookie with a side of racism.
REM Cycle: Long-time rockers REM broke up this week, leaving thousands of 90s-music-loving people to wonder: “Will they still play “Everybody Hurts’ during break-up scenes of movies?” Of course they will.
The Social Net-jerk: Yet again, Zuckerberg has changed The Facebook with a new feature called Timeline, which makes it really, really easy to see just how pissed off all of your friends are about Timeline.
Energy Deficient: Starting in January, students at UNH will no longer be able to purchase energy drinks on campus. The move, though regarded as unfair, is the result of several students actually thinking that Red Bull had given them wings.