When one thinks of fall, they’ll automatically think of cool air, sweaters, and turning leaves to go along with football, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and another school year. However, this weird concept of “fall” hasn’t quite reached Tallahassee.  As September nears an end and the temperatures are steady in the 90’s, students are slowly starting to lose it.  

The fashion students seem to be taking it the hardest. “Yeah, I’d like to wear the newest fall fashions, but it’s just too friggin hot,” said a sophomore retail merchandising major. She declined all other questions regarding her feelings on the newest cute boots, scarves and hats, turned away in disgust, and walked off. Another student was seen crying in the library while looking at emails from Urban Outfitters with their new fall fashions.

On the other hand, there are some students that are scared shitless of the first cold front.  “I’ve been so used to sweating my balls off, I don’t know what I’ll do when when we actually have cold weather,” says one freshman from Miami, “I told my mom to send me a parka, you know, in case it hits 60 degrees or something.”

For some, the lasting hot weather is an excuse to dress more promiscuously a little longer. “I came here for the weather,” says a senior, “while everyone else is starting to dress like pilgrims, we’re just… not. You don’t get the reputation of being one of the hottest schools in America if your boobs are hidden behind an ugly jacket every day.” For those who fall into this category, changing weather has never been great concern. “I guess we’ll just wear leggings,” says a freshman, who swears a chill won’t prevent her from showing off her countless hours at the gym and starvation.  

According to weather.com, we will have about another week of steamy hot weather, and by Wednesday, the lows will reach 61 degrees so students can finally break out the cold weather wear. Until then, the autumn fashion purists will sweat through their skinny jeans and cardigans while the rest of the students go about campus life looking like they live on the beach.