What a sweet fuckin’ day. Walked to class, headin down University Ave, headphones blastin’ some sweet tunes. You no when you listen 2 a song and no matter how loud you put it, it’s not loud enough? That happened to me today. Put on “The General” and rocked that shit out. Almost Dispatched a load of troops in my pants, bro. Yeah, you ninjas know what I’m talking about. No bigz.

Anyway, I walk into class and professor Dickface is all up in my shit, bein’ a real prick like, “Jeremiah, take off your headphones,” or some shit and I’m all “Suck it, prof.” I don’t actually say that part out loud, but you no what I’m talking about. Dude was a total dickk. Spent the class chillin’, feet up on the desk, Dickface preachin about algae bras or some shit, I don’t know, all I could think of was a mermaid wearing nothing but seaweed. That’s hot shit, yo.

Speakin of hot shit, totes scorched my mouth gettin my hot pocket on this afternoon. What a trip. Def gonna sue Mr. Pocket or some shit. No bigz. Ate it anyway. Pepperoni is my shit. Just don’t tell my momz I didn’t keep kosher, she’d beat me the fuck out. No frontin’, that bitch is crazy. Don’t tell her I called her a bitch neither.

Thinking about it, the day wasn’t fuckin’ sweet after all. Other than listening to “The General,” pretty mundacious or whatever. Def gonna make some pocketz later tho, maybe grab some Monster, grab some Jaeger, grab some bitches. No bigz, bro. No bigz.

Much love.


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