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Article by duberlicious
December 24, 2011

Five Things Old People Think Dubstep Is, When Hearing It From A Distance

5. Tornado Siren: They will cock their head, collect their valuables and move to the basement. 4. Someone Logging in to AOL: They patiently wait for “the AOL guy” to say you’ve got mail. When he doesn’t, they will say, “Someones probably using the phone, that’s why it’s taking so long.” 3. The TV: “Honey! The sound... MORE »

Article by Rud
December 27, 2010

Man Makes New Years Resolution to Attend Class More; Discovers He’s 43 Years Old

Local Syracuse man, Ted Genuario decided to please his parents this upcoming Spring semester by attending more classes to improve his GPA. “Yeah, they like were like if you get a 3.0 next semester we’ll get you Bangles tickets for the Summer, so I was like fuck yeah The Bangles! I didn’t study though, because... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
September 6, 2010

Old School SU Cheerleader

Check out https://theflourrush.tumblr.com for awesome old pictures of SU. I’m talking 1918 old! MORE »