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Article by emcorbet
January 16, 2012

To the Syracuse University graduating class of 2012….

Ah, the dawn of a spring semester at Syracuse University ““ a time when spring itself is nothing but a thought over yonder, behind the mile-high snow banks and record-breaking wind chills. A time when students return to campus and thus, rejoice in their awaiting academia, frolicking to the thought of cold nights spent curled... MORE »

Article by Piliour
November 17, 2011

Report: Class of 2015 is F*cked

On Thursday it was revealed in a US News report that the graduating class of 2015 is Completely Fucked. The news, while surprising to some, cannot be a complete shock; speculators have consecutively categorized graduating classes in diminutive manners, calling the class of 2013 “Shit Outta Luck,” and the class of 2014 “A Dell Computer.”... MORE »