So, my evening that should’ve happily consisted of watching the SU basketball game and cheering them on as the new season rolls out, was instead spent with my computer-nerd glasses on.

Somebody was trying to hack the site, remove all the comments, and perform other not-so-nice things. Anyway, I’d like to formally respond to whomever decided to follow through on this mischievous plot.
Please Don’t Hack Us!

K, I realize this website isn’t the most perfectly coded website in the world. Hell, I am not an iSchool student, and pretty much built this puppy as I learned PHP and CSS. I also do realize that there must be gaping holes in our security. You could probably delete the whole site if you wanted.

Here’s the deal: I respect you. Whoever you are. And, I admire the fact that you took the time to play around on the site. But, our users really love this site, and we’d appreciate it if you don’t screw with it.
Great game tonight, boys! Looking forward to an awesome SU basketball season!