Last week, former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer came to SU to discuss economic corruption. 400 people attended the event, listening as Spitzer raved about how, “[the government] lied. They deceived. They cheated.”

The strangest part of Spitzer’s visit to SU is that no one commented on how ironic it is for SU to bring a man who was tied to an escort service only months back to talk about government wrongs. Instead, Spitzer was lauded for his diatribe against the current government and its economic policies. Somehow, people completely disregarded the fact that, with one word altered in the quote above, Spitzer’s tirade on the government could be applied to him. “I lied. I deceived. I cheated.”

To illustrate just how “brilliant” SU was in bringing Spitzer to talk about corruption, here is a list of guests that SU could host in the same vein, with their respective lecture topics:

“¢ Osama bin Laden ““ “Sexism in Super Bowl Ads”

“¢ Greg Robinson ““ “How to Run a Successful Football Team”

“¢ Former NFL Player Chris Henry ““ “How to Survive Marriage”

“¢ Heath Ledger ““ “Using Medication to Cope: Dos and Don’ts”

“¢ Adolf Hitler ““ “Why All Men are Created Equal”

“¢ NBCU President Jeff Zucker ““ “How to Run a Successful Network”

o Additional Lecture: “Late Night TV Dos and Don’ts”

“¢ Otto the Orange ““ “How to be a Bad-Ass Mascot Instead of a Stupid Fruit/Color”