Welcome to the Zipped Magazine Syracuse University Bookstore collaboration competition! Syracuse is looking for a new style and we want your help! 
We are holding a competition to find the latest and greatest ‘Cuse trends and catchy slogans. Slogans aren’t mandatory but think along the lines of,  “We are Penn State, ‘Nova Nation (Villanova)’ Maze & Blue (Michigan), Oh-io (Ohio State)’ and The Men of Troy (USC). 
Winners clothing will be produced and sold in the Bookstore along with being featured in Zipped Magazine! The winner will also be a part of the new line’s photo shoot. 
Zipped Magazine & SU Bookstore Clothing Contest Rules
1. Applicants must be students
2. Applicants must agree that their designs will be owned by the Syracuse University Bookstore
3. Applicants must submit the clothing line, name, email and phone number by February 11, 2011 to”¦Zippedpr@gmail.com (All files must be converted to PDF)
4. Applicants must design 1 t-shirt, sweatshirt and sweatpant design and a 4th apparel design of their choice. (Applicants can choose to do a second t-shirt/sweatshirt or sweatpants design)
5. Applicant must agree to be featured in Zipped Magazine 
6. Final designs which include SU trademarks and/or colors must be approved by SU’s Office of Trademark Licensing.