Hello again my faithful readers! I am sorry for ditching all of you for the past month. I found myself in a haze of video games, lunchables, and crystal meth addiction for all of January (just kidding, it was only minor alcoholism). But I am back in action (with the minor alchololism, don’t worry) for your listening pleasure. And even though January kind of blew donkey dick from a music perspective, I have a few choice beats that you should definitely have.

First and foremost, I give you a remix of Ricky Martin featuring Joss Stone. Yes, I know Ricky is not who you typically want to listen to on a party night, but this remix by Jump Smokers is awesome. You can listen to and download the song from here: https://hulkshare.com/08hbqx9pw2gg
Next up on the docket is a song by Benny Benassi. This one was released relatively recently and is a little more dance-like, but I still find myself putting it on every time I host a pregame in my room. Trust me, it’s a good one. You can find it here: https://hulkshare.com/hm6zuc2dqy68
Moving on along, I present to you a future radio banger that I am actually surprised has not made it to the local radio stations as of yet. Akon teams up with Pitbull on this track, and they show why they are two of the best in the business: https://hulkshare.com/rdl8jw5urbbr
I’ve got another banger including Pitbull, but instead this time Chris Brown backs him up on the track. It is another song that should be on every Frat mixer playlist and radio station (but surprisingly isn’t?!). You can find this one here: https://hulkshare.com/tdcujjpivpeq
And finally, this song goes out to all the bros out there. You can only listen to so much pop music, and everyone needs a song for their “hook playlist” or whatever you want to call it. Pop this one on, and you’ll be popping off bras before you know it. Get it here :https://hulkshare.com/w5tpvsf45zh8
Bonus track:
I love mashup-germany. They bring some of the most creative mashes that I have ever heard to the table, and they are simply incredible. They throw in some german song for a little during this song (which I can’t understand either), but besides that it is out of cotnrol. Agree with me or not, but you can’t argue with the straight up talent involved. Find the song and video here: