Nothing teaches students about the pioneer life like Oregon Trail. At least that’s Professor Michael LaRue’s motto.

In his class on the History of Early America at Jackson State University, LaRue has downgraded from the iMac to the 1990 Macintosh Classic. His students are told not to bring anything to class except for “an appetite for adventure. Also, something to cure your inevitable dysentery.”

Since the class was introduced in the Fall Semester of 2008 it has been the most popular class on campus, narrowly beating out Professor Silverman’s class on knighthood, “So You Think You Can Lance?”

“It’s crazy,” says senior Alicia Thompson. “I literally show up to class every day and play Oregon Trail.”

Added Thompson, “I’m not even enrolled!”

LaRue’s methods have been questioned by many university officials, yet LaRue lets his numbers speak for themselves.

“No one skips my class. No one fails my class. I get stellar reviews at the end of every semester. And my students learn what the word “fjord’ means. Everybody wins!”

Despite LaRue’s optimism, it should not go unnoticed that most students do not actually complete their trek along the Oregon Trail, nor do they learn much of anything except that no matter how many buffalo you kill you’ll only be able carry one or two back to camp.

Also, that dysentery is a bitch.