On Thursday night, Frank Peterson finished his last final exam, but he would not return to his home in Arizona until four days later.

Peterson waited outside the classroom after his exam until his friend, Tim Legler, had also finished, and the two headed through the quad toward their dorm to celebrate. While passing through, Legler and Peterson began to argue about a question on the exam about water density and the freezing properties of water.

“I kept telling [Legler] that there was no way water could ever be sticky, it just didn’t work,” said Peterson. “He disagreed and said a frozen water was, in fact, extremely sticky when touched with the liquid form of water.”

In order to best settle the bet like gentlemen, Legler and Peterson wrestled on the quad for five minutes. After they both tired, Legler spotted a flagpole in the middle of the quad and “triple dog dared” Peterson to lick the pole.

Peterson reportedly considered the request “no sweat” and, to the horror of passersby, stuck his tongue to the pole. Despite his initial arrogance, Peterson’s tongue instantly stuck. Legler, proud of his victory but fearful of the ensuing medical emergency, fled to his dormitory, packed his bags and headed home, leaving Peterson to suffer in the cold.

Despite the fact that several students passed Peterson on their way through the quad, none stopped to assist him. However, many students throw snowballs at his testicles as they continued walking to the bar.