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November 28, 2011

Zipped Magazine launch party. Fashion Time.

Zipped is a fashion and beauty based magazine that reaches college-aged males and females on the Syracuse University campus. Known for identifying trends, providing the latest news on fashion, and touching on critical issues within the fashion and beauty industry, Zipped is a forward-looking student publication that provides a medium for the fashion-minded population at... MORE »

Article by Syracuse Staff
November 30, 2010

Jerk Magazine Publishes Steamy SU Student Photos

Photo Credit: Alex Pines, Jerk Magazine Jerk Magazine is known for being the racy campus publication. Last year they were censored from the dining halls for a bit! Yikes! This Decembers issue is another gawk-bitch-smut-noise-ridden publication which has already been published online! Their excellent photography team has put together a Sordid Affair, with some sexy... MORE »

Article by Ian Smith
October 19, 2010

Did Grandma Really Steal Some of My Booze and Nudey Magazines Over Homecoming Weekend?

Grandmothers are the sweetest people on Earth: all those years of giving you hugs and cookies, all those years of a five dollar bill in a birthday card, all those years of pies on the window sills”¦and she never asked for anything in return. Until now. Grandma, or “grammy” is she is colloquially known, is... MORE »