Students will now be able to check out Gainesville bar and club scenes without actually going. A new app, developed by SceneTap LLC, will add information about seven Gainesville clubs and bars. Some of the nightclubs will include Gator City, Sharab, Stereo, and Envy. The information will show the average age of everyone in the venue and the male-to-female ratio. The data is collected by two sensors, which are located at both the entrance and the exit of the venue. One will keep an updated person and age count and the other will detect faces to determine how many males and females are in the room.
Stephanie Benson, a spokeswoman for SceneTap believes that the app could prove very useful. “We want to make college as fun as possible,” she said. “And if that means enhancing people’s stalking capability, then so be it.”
“The only flaw we’ve seen thus far is the machine sensing some males as females, and vice versa,” said Louis Petrie, general manager of Sharab. “It can’t be good for business when a dude walks in and a machine detects him as a chick.”
Sophomore Jason Maxwell believes the app is the best of both worlds. “I get to see if it’s worth going out, and if not, just stay on my couch and get high.” “It’s a win-win.”
However, junior Craig Davidson found a loophole in the app. “The only thing that’s missing is information if the people are good-looking or not, he said. “There could be 100 girls in the club, but it would mean nothing if they were all ugly. I mean, no one’s trying to party with ugly people.”
Since SceneTap’s launch in July 2011, 78,000 people have bought the app. It is available to be downloaded on iPhones and Androids. After the Gainesville launch, the app plans to make its way onto the college campuses of Atlanta, Georgia and Madison, Wisconsin.