So… I go to the psu library to try to find this infamous book my high school teacher wrote. I go up and down these tiny stair cases and walk down these rows of books feeling like im in the movie “the shining” not to mention those cielings are way too low for tall people. so 30 min pass, im freaking the hell out trying to find the exit. i go up and down these stairs atleast 15 times on the verge of a panic attack and i hear noises that sound like little creatures crawling everywhere. Until! finally, i ask a guy who looks like he hasnt seen the light of day for years how to get out.. he laughs in my face and says theres no way out and im stuck there forever! he shows me the main exit and after 45 min im finally out of that evil place. moral of the story: I went there to find your book, and will never go back there again