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Video by loganor
December 19, 2011

A Fortnight of my Weird-Ass Christmas Playlist Pt. 5

Today I took two finals. Also, Kim Jon Il died. These events are unrelated, but this song will probably be enjoyed by both students in need of post-final christmas cheer, and deceased dictators. That’s all I have to say. I’m gonna study for another final now. #stabmeintheface. MORE »

Video by loganor
December 14, 2011

A Fortnight of my Weird-Ass Christmas Playlist Pt. 4

Today, whilst working in the lovely new Science and Engineering Library with the overpriced-yet-delicious coffee, I didn’t see any mistletoe. I didn’t see any jolly bearded men with rosy cheeks and jiggly tummies. I didn’t see softly glowing lights, and gifts wrapped in festive and environmentally-unfriendly paper. I did see vomit, and poop, in the... MORE »

Video by loganor
December 12, 2011

A Fortnight of my Weird-Ass Christmas Playlist Pt. 3

I’m in class right now. Would I rather be administering an enema to Santa after he ate all his Christmas cookies? Would I rather give Mrs. Claus a brazilian bikini wax? You decide. (Hint: Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes) Enjoy this jingle while you cry into a textbook! MORE »

Video by loganor
December 11, 2011

A Fortnight of my Weird-Ass Christmas Playlist Pt. 2

Here’s another one. You might remember these guys as the ones who sang that song that had a lot of fast singing and then “chickity china, the chinese chicken”. They also sang about the birth of Christ. Who knew? MORE »

Video by loganor
December 10, 2011

A Fortnight of my Weird-Ass Christmas Playlist

I read in some book that a fortnight is two weeks. Or three. Whatever. The point is that it’s currently a fortnight until I go home, and right now the only thing getting me through this melancholy finals season is my joyful playlist for Christmas season. But I’m not like all those other Catholic gals... MORE »

Article by Jared Martin
December 7, 2011

Columbia is No Place for Boobies: A Homospective in Three Movements

MOVEMENT ONE: STEREOTYPES AT GAY SHUL Like a kugel stained Jew at a Catholic Communion, I am no stranger to being the minority. And while I enjoy seeing the paper wafers of the other side, there is nothing like returning to a place where your minority is the majority, a little bungalow I’d like to... MORE »

Picture by apost
October 17, 2011

You know you go to Cornell when….

As we all know Cornell Fraternity parties used to exist. When they did they used to have to have sober monitors who wore bright yellowish green shirts to let everyone know who they were. They became really popular and quite hilarious to wear when you were wasted. This shirt though tops it all. Wear it... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
September 29, 2011

Happy New Year To Our Jewish Readers

If you’re sitting in temple much like me, you’re experiencing the wonderful standing, sitting, singing and shofar blowing. Good times! Well I’d like to take this moment to thank god for smart phones, cause now I can surf campusbasement with my phone cleverly hidden in the sedar book.  There’s so many old people at these... MORE »