Yes, it’s not just you. The CB Server was down on Sunday and then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdsay.. etc

Why? Cause GoDaddy kinda sucks.
Our website is hacked on a fairly daily basis now (so great). So, I have the task of taking down hacked content and phishing scams. Unfortunately, GoDaddy’s 24/7 Abuse Department went on a “break” for about 3 days. The 24/7 department goes on breaks… great. The domain was all over the place as I tried to contact them and fix the problem.
Anyhoo, it’s up for me. And it should be up for most of you. I can see people attempting to reach our site and getting shut down by the “Server Unavailable” sign still. But, hopefully it’ll resolve itself by the end of the week.
If you’re reading this, you should feel super lucky that you can see our site. GO YOU!