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Article by jwoww
December 19, 2010

Cornell Student Stranded on Campus After Missing Bus Back to Strong Island

We’ve just received word that Cornell freshman Jimmy Applebaum has been stranded on Cornell’s campus since missing his bus home to Great Neck, Long Island last Tuesday.   Jimmy, who is a geology major, apparently slept through his alarm on Tuesday morning after a rigorous table tennis tournament that occurred in the Mews 2nd floor... MORE »

Article by Piliour
August 29, 2010

Guide to South Campus: The Bus System

The bus system is actually much more consistent than most people say, in that the buses are consistently 10-20 minutes late. They’re also always consistently packed on the days when you have a big exam and can’t afford to be late. If you’re living on South and riding the bus, be prepared to redefine your... MORE »